What did I learn (from my biology-major roommate Lucy):

1.  If you have heartburn, sleep on your left side.

Why: Heartburn is caused by gastric acid entering the esophagus. The border between your esophagus and stomach is raised higher when you sleep on your left side so gastric acid from your stomach can’t enter as easily. Sleeping on your right side causes the border to be lower so it’s easier for acid to enter the esophagus.

2. If you have a baby boy, don’t bathe him in lavender.

Why: Lavender causes hormone increases in estrogen. Babies are more prone to these external influences and can experience higher changes in hormones that have longer lasting effects. Estrogen increases may also result in breast production so your baby boy may end up with man boobies! See article.

3. You can clean a dirty penny if you put it in Coke for a day.

Why: Coke has a high content of phosphoric acid which removes the oxide coat of pennies and leaves the metal fresh and shiny. The same effect can be applied to your enamel and bones. Phosphoric acid takes away calcium from your body, making teeth and bones weaker. A tooth placed in a cup of soda has been known to become soft and mushy. Remember to brush your teeth after drinking Coke and other soft drinks!

Why is this significant: People don’t know what they don’t know. Just because you never thought about these things does not make it unimportant or irrelevant. Everyday factoids such as these are just as significant to our health and lives as the knowledge you actively seek out for your jobs/passions/etc. It’s good to stay aware.


3 thoughts on “Clean a Penny with Coke & Other Daily Factoids

  1. the better question is: why would you want to clean a penny?

    hahaha nice factoids though, learn something new everyday 🙂

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