Speaker: One of my favorite authors – Malcolm Gladwell (Author of Blink, Tipping Point, and What the Dog Saw)

Topic: Howard Moskowitz – psychophysics and food industry market researcher who worked on Pepsi and Prego.

What did I learn:

When food brands searched for a solution, people ask the wrong question – for example: What makes the perfect Pepsi? Instead, the question should be: What are the perfect Pepsis? This revelation:

  1. Fundamentally changed the way the food industry tries to make you happy.
  2. Demonstrated that foods such as mustard do not exist on a hierarchy, but rather on a horizontal plane. There is no perfect mustard or imperfect mustards, there are only different mustards.
  3. Defined that there is no platonic dish. Instead of searching for universals, understand variability.

Why is this significant:

As food has demonstrated, the consumer market is more responsive to variety than universality. If we only search for universals, we will conclude in errors and do ourselves a disservice. By embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a way to true individual happinesses.


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